Designing Custom Embroidered Patches With Perfection

A Guide For Designing Custom Embroidered Patches With Perfection

The popularity of custom patches keeps expanding. Well, it should be, as they are a great way to accessorise any clothing item. A person could use an emblem for multiple reasons, and you can wear them on almost anything, from pants and shirts to bags, jackets, and caps. Not only that, people often love to collect patches as memories. They are a versatile option to showcase your company’s message or express your personal thoughts and likings. Although they are really easy to produce, there are still some mistakes that most people make while designing custom patches. It results in making the badge look unattractive and amateur.
So in this blog, we will list down those errors that are frequently made. You will also get to know about the ways to overcome and avoid those blunders while sketching a custom patch. So, stay with us till the very end to master the process of making a personalised emblem.

Refrain From Making These Errors While Designing Custom Embroidered Patches

1) The Importance Of The Right Shape And Size

One of the most common mistakes is not choosing the right size for their crest. With all the other things, the significance of selecting the right size for the patch is often overshadowed. While coming up with a design, it is essential that the shape and size of the crest are put into consideration. If not, then it is going to end up making the patch look cluttered or way too basic. Your badge can easily lose its charm if you misjudge its shape and size. The best way to do it is to think about the purpose of the custom patches, then think about the design you are going for and how it will look on the badge when it’s stitched. The budget is also a factor that you should put into consideration as well. Lastly, make sure that the size and shape are proportional to each other.

2) Purpose Of The Patch

One of the most underrated tricks is to think about the purpose of the patch. It is equally important as determining the shape and size of the crest. For instance, if you are designing an emblem for a scouting trip, it is pretty clear that the badge would have nature on its logo. It should be big enough so that it is visible on the t-shirt, and the fabric in which the design is produced should be washable. These are those minor details that people tend to overlook, but they can prove costly in the end. So it is essential to keep the purpose of the badge in mind while designing.

3) Functionality Of The Patch

After you have understood the purpose of the patch, it will be easy for you to look through its functionality. If the crest is too big, then it might be hard to attach it to clothes. Apart from that, if it is a scout badge, then it should be strong enough to withstand all the activities that are held in a scout club. A good crest is one that does not tear or fade away.

4) Be Attentive To Little Details

Another mistake is not paying attention to the small details of the patch. There are minor details like the use of colours and what embroidery you are using. Overlooking them can result in making your badge look flawed. So make sure you double-check all these small details. If it’s custom embroidered patches, ensure all the treads are of the same colours. Also, check the grammar and spelling and if the font is visible for a patch design that has some text over it. Make sure that the design placement is visually pleasing. Look at the colour scheme to see if it complements each other. Paying attention to these minor details would save you from a big design failure.

5) Be Selective With Your Patch Design

Be clear about what you want to put on your crest. Do not start designing if you are still confused about the artwork. Sometimes, people try to be extra creative and add too many elements to a design. It will eventually make your emblem look cluttered. If you are unable to sketch an artwork that is a perfect visual representation of what you have in mind, then seeking professional help is a good option. Expert designers would know exactly how to put your vision into reality.

6) Poor Quality Art Work

When you are designing a custom patch, it is important that when you choose an artwork, it should not be blurry, or it might end up making the crest look pixelated. It will look unprofessional, so you have to make sure that the quality of the artwork is good. Not considering the graphic quality of your badge is a very big mistake that will ruin almost every type of crest.

7) The Importance Of Choosing the Right Borders

The detailing of the borders is often ignored, but they play a significant role in the design of the patch. The border is an important part of your crest from both visual and functional aspects. From custom punk patches, you have to pick the right contrast for the edges that complement the colour scheme of the design. A well-defined border will make your artwork easy to read and recognise. Use bold lines for a clear definition of the design.

In The Final Analysis

Patches are one of those add-ons that can completely change the look of an outfit. They are best for brand promotion. It is really easy to make a mistake while designing a custom badge, so it would be a wiser choice to be a bit more attentive to the details of the emblem. If the shape and design are not proportional to each other, then the badge might end up looking lopsided.
The focus on the borders of the patch plays a significant role as it is the part that helps to keep the whole design together. We really hope that this blog would’ve helped you identify those errors that should be avoided while making custom emblems.

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