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Surely many think that using a hoverboard is not easy at all, but in general, it is not. Just look at how many kids, even very young, use it to get an idea that it doesn’t take long to govern it and therefore move around it in complete safety.

However, let’s say that like many means of locomotion, the hoverboard also requires a minimum of learning time, to acquire the right concepts to be able to use it. To know how to go on the hoverboard you can follow these few useful tips, essential to get started.

What is that

The hoverboard consists of a platform, two side wheels, and some sensors. You have to stand upright on this platform, although it will not be impossible to lose your balance the first few times.

For this reason, when you start using this electric means of locomotion, it is perhaps better to do it where there are handholds that can become useful in case you lose your balance so much as to run the risk of falling to the ground.

Maybe the first few times it’s better to start balancing the weight on the platform with the hoverboard off. Once you find the right balance on the platform, you’re ready to move. The advice is to always get on the platform (especially when the hoverboard is on) from behind and to go down in the same direction.

The hoverboard, even if it might seem identical in all its parts, has a front and a rear area. The front one is known for the presence of LED lights that light up as soon as you step on the platform. This means that the sensors have detected the weight and therefore the presence of a “pilot” and that the hoverboard is therefore ready to implement the commands necessary to move.

How does it work

The hoverboard, thanks to the sensors, moves in the direction in which the pressure of the feet on the platform is performed. To be clearer, if you press the footboard with your toes, thus moving your center of gravity slightly forward, the hoverboard will move forward.  

The more your weight shifts in this direction, the faster you will go. If you press with your left foot, the hoverboard will rotate to the right, while it will rotate to the left if you press with your right foot.

So to turn you have to think the other way around: to turn right you shift your weight to your left foot and vice versa. For this operation, which is the most difficult to perform, it is necessary that the foot that does not act as a “pivot” is moved slightly backward.

As mentioned, changes of direction are not easy to carry out, but even in this case, with a little practice, they can be performed in complete fluidity. Don’t forget that, to go backward, just shift your weight onto your heels, thus pressing the footrest with this part of your feet. Moving the center of gravity to a vertical position slows down until it stops.

If you want to reduce the difficulty of driving a hoverboard, you can opt for the purchase of a handlebar. This allows you to have much more balance, so you can shift your weight to make the hoverboard move with peace of mind, without the risk of falling forward or backward. In any case, the advice is to wear a helmet and elbow and knee protectors to avoid the risk of getting hurt due to disastrous falls.

How to Ride the Hoverboard

Maneuvering a vehicle of this type is child’s play, indeed, child’s play, however, you need to know some movements to perform, which we explain in our article.

Crazy about hoverboards. It’s not just a craze for kids but many adults are also attracted to it. We see them almost everywhere around, so much so that in some places, given the proliferation of these means of transport, they have been banned, let’s think of some shopping centers where signs have been posted to explain to visitors that there are no skates, electric scooters and of course, hoverboards are used.

Not bad, you will find another place to have fun, a smooth surface is enough. Is driving these “things” difficult? If the children can do it too, evidently not. Well, since we have reassured you about the simplicity of management, run and buy one of the many hoverboards sold online then come back here and we will explain how to maneuver it.

The first step

The first recommendation addressed to those using the hoverboard for the first time is to activate the beginner mode if present; this makes it easier to keep your balance so you can get the necessary practice free from the fear of falling. The vehicle must be positioned in front of the user. At this point you are ready to climb. You place one foot at a time, it is preferable that the first is the one that is most comfortable, therefore right for right-handed people, left for left-handed people.

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