Picuki Instagram:

Picuki is a web tool that assists you to have a look on Instagram profiles, edit and share without having to worry about making a profile. If you want to browse Instagram and you don’t want to sign up for some reason, this is the perfect tool for you to have a look on your favorite celebrities or anyone who has a public profile. We all are familiar with Instagram, but in case you don’t know what Instagram is here is a short introduction. Instagram is an online service that allow its users to share their personal pictures and videos with their friends and followers. Active users of Instagram in 2023 are approximately close to 2.5 billion, including all your favorite celebrities, media personalities and film stars. You can also send and receive direct messages, likes, comments and follow your friends or anyone you want. Now if you want to browse public Instagram accounts and do it anonymously, there is a perfect tool for you.

Let’s dive in how it works, what’s its features and limitations and its real-world application.

Online tool, a Picture editor and viewer or a spy gadget what is it? It’s a perfect online tool for a person who wants to look into someone’s profile out of professional interest or personal interest without having to worry about making an Instagram profile. It allows you to view stories, profile picture, and posts. You can even edit the posts on it. You can crop pics, adjust the size, apply filters and addition to that you can also share the edited posts with your friends without Instagram account.

Key Feature’s:

Although we have discussed all of its key features above in detail here is a short summary.

  • View public profiles
  • Edit Posts on them
  • View posts and stories
  • Download reels and posts
  • Comment reading on posts
  • Searching tags

Doing All this, without having to worry about your safety and doing all this anonymously. As new updates roll in, we might see new features added with better and improved experience on the site.


As we discussed earlier some key features of this tool but there are some things you can’t do on this tool.

  • You can’t open and view a private profile
  • You can’t make your own profile on it
  • You can’t post something on it
  • You can see comments but you can’t write comments on the posts
  • You can’t see Instagram Livestream

These are few limitations of this tool, because these are key features of Instagram.

Is It legal?

When we get a feature on any site that we weren’t supposed to get, we often ask ourself this question that is that even legal. I want you to think for a second that a website is allowing us to do stuff that the original app doesn’t allow. This raise a big question but the short and sweet answer is it is completely legal. This tool is not associated with Instagram. So YES, it is Legal. So, stop worrying about its legality and enjoy its features. Edit, View and Share. But if you use picuki and use it to download copyrighted material, you may face legal Problems.

Safety concerns:

Is It safe? Short and sweet answer to that question is YES, because this tool uses Instagrams official Application programming interface (API).  Serval Web Security sites have approved of this tool as completely safe to you. We can feel like this is exclusive experience that we are getting and websites who offer exclusive experience for free are often not safe to use and results in data leaks and other consequences that come alongside when your safety is breached however this tool is 100% safe to use but make sure you don’t use it to download something that you are not supposed to.

Is It really anonymous?

We tested and our test results drew this conclusion that if you download posts, it doesn’t notify the person whose post it was, even if we edit or share pictures on this tool, you remain anonymous also when you browse followers, profiles and stories and locations. You don’t have to worry about your identity being leaked and breaching of your privacy. Thousands of people choose this tool because they know it’s safe for them to use.

A Tool or a Stalkers paradise:

Several websites referred to this tool as a stalker’s paradise because it’s completely safe, anonymous and your identity remains hidden. The word Stalkers paradise, when heard it seems like a negative thing but if we see it its really not negative. This tool only allows us to see what is posted for the public, Data of private accounts can’t be seen. The one thing that this tool gives us more than an average Instagram user is keeping identity anonymous but the same thing can be done on Instagram, by using fake names and fake pics. So, it’s not a huge innovation. I will say it’s an internet gimmick that will disappear after a few years, one thing that is certain is that it provides us with a great sneak peek experience to look into lives of celebrities and public figures.

HOW to use it?

Picuki is very simple and easy to use. Just follow these steps and get the full experience of the tool:

  1. Launch Picuki:

Go on any browser on your personal computer or mobile device and type official website of picuki:

  https://www.picuki.com/. Now go on Instagram and copy or note the username or tag and paste it on the websites search box.

  • Search:

Click on search and your desired account will come Infront of you, you can also search by using names for example Henry cavil, Rihana etc. When you will search the name, Different Accounts will pop up Infront of you, choose the desired account that you are looking for. If you want to search for both profile and tags select ALL option below search box. If you want to see only profiles or only tags, you can choose them below.

3.Posts, stories and reels:

After clicking on search all results will come up, scroll down for older posts.

4.Download or Edit:

You can also download and edit posts from there.

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