Wax Paper Bags

Give Secure Protection to Retail Products with Sustainable Paper Packaging

In the past, traditional bags were used for shopping purposes. The normal paper was utilized for food wrapping as well. At that time, people were not as health conscious as they have become in the present age. Nowadays, wax paper bags and printed butter papers have successfully replaced traditional bags and wrappers. The question must be arising in your mind are these worth the hype? Yes, absolutely! Why should we bring them into our use? Are they beneficial? They are of great benefit for personal and promotion of retail business as well. Hence, they protect the food products safely against moisture, heat, water, etc. on the other hand, you can use them for brand advertisement as well.

Preserve the Aroma of Food Items with Custom Wax and Butter Papers:

You must be interested to know about the uses of wax paper bags wholesale and printed butter paper. They have multiple uses. Mainly wax paper bags are used for food packaging. Food products are more likely at risk of getting soggy, hard, and spoiling due to environmental factors. These are laminated with paraffin wax. So, these are grease-proof and a perfect solution for oily products. Furthermore, they give security to other industrial products against moisture, humidity, sun heat, etc.  Butter paper is the most usable wrapping option. It is non-sticky and utilized to cover the bakery, food, and greasy items. They keep products secure, fresh, and warm for a longer period.

How to Create a Personalized Printed Paper and Wax Paper Bag?

There is enormous competition among food brands. Each one is in an attempt to surpass fellow competitors.  Custom-made butter paper and wax paper bags are the best way to win clients’ hearts. This blog will describe the methods for creating personalized bags and butter paper.

Customize the Printed Butter Paper with Logo Design:

Printed butter paper is used widely to wrap greasy and oily products. Do you want to give a personal touch to butter paper? We suggest you customize the paper with the brand’s logo. The trademark of the company will give people awareness about your food company. Most brands do not go for printing as it may leave a toxic impact on the food. You can collaborate with us. We make use of 100% food-grade inks, laminations and finishings, etc.

Choose Kraft Brown Paper for Manufacturing of Wax Paper Bag:

As mentioned earlier, custom wax paper bags are used for food packaging. You can use these bags to pack bread, sandwiches, burgers, and other food and bakery items. Kraft brown paper is the most suitable for constructing a wax paper bag. Kraft paper packaging is climate-friendly and recyclable. Brown kraft paper is bleached and easy to ruse or compostable. It is the best alternative to plastic bags.  Besides its sustainability, kraft paper is moisture, tear, and heat resistant. Susceptible food items stay fresh, warm, and protected inside the bag for a prolonged time. Additionally, these are easy to customizable.

Design Wax Paper Bag in Right Sized Packaging:

Brands require printed wax paper bags for numerous purposes. Each company has a distinctive product list. Some have to pack large-sized products, while others use these bags for tiny products. The customization process is endless. You can customize the bag in whatever size and shape you need. Kraft paper is easy to modifiable. You can share the product’s dimensions with our team, and they will produce an exact-sized box requested by the customers. 

Add Handle to Wax Paper Bag for Convenient Packaging:

The buyers feel satisfied to see conveniently designed shopping bags. We recommend adding a handle to the paper bag. The wax paper bag with sturdy handles will assist in carrying the products from one place to another. Read more

Elevate the Logo Design with Hot Foil Stamping:

Undoubtedly, the logo is the distinct identity of a company. It creates awareness about the company among the audience. Hot foil stamping is the best finishing option to famous the logo artwork. Silver and gold fooling elevate the patterns and enhance the vibrancy of the colors.

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