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Should Small Offices Invest In Tea And Coffee Vending Machines?

Coffee vending machines are common in malls, metros and railway stops. However, small offices are catching up quickly by setting up coffee stations for employees. According to Earl Wilson, a well-known American author, “Science may never come up with a better office communication system than the coffee break.”

Tea and coffee machines make work breaks longer and more interesting since the machine makes 5-6 cups in a minute. That leaves adequate time to catch up with colleagues before rushing back to work. At the same time, employees save the time and money they spend to get their favourite beverage. So, it is advisable to get tea, coffee, and snack vending machines for the office. Here are more benefits of investing in these machines, even for small offices. 

Why Employers Should Invest in Vending Machines 

Most employees are absent from the office on tea, coffee, or lunch breaks. That means employees do minimal work during these periods. Of course, workers deserve some time off during the day but leaving the office to find something to eat takes up too much time.

Here are more details about why vending machines are a great investment:

1. Improved Alertness 

Imagine getting to the office early in the morning and spending about five hours seated at the desk. Then, you must wait a couple more hours before leaving the office for lunch. This schedule stresses employees out and reduces concentration levels. Unfortunately, employers feel the effects on the quality of work delivered weekly and monthly. In comparison, small offices with vending machines give employees a quick break to make a cup of coffee or tea. These beverages refresh the mind, making employers more active when they return to work. 

2. Convenience

While some offices are in big cities or towns, some are located in less busy areas. The disadvantage is finding a cafe or restaurant during work breaks is difficult. Fortunately, small offices with coffee vending machines in the kitchen area save employees time and sanity. They need not leave the office to get refreshments. At the same time, carrying flasks of hot beverages is not an option since it’s cumbersome.  

3. Improved Efficiency 

Everyone works better when they’re comfortable and full. On the flip side, employees focus less when they’re tired and hungry. Placing a tea or coffee dispensing machine in the office prevents employees from snacking on unhealthy treats or skipping meals. As a result, they can concentrate better and remain healthy.  

Pro Tip: Add a healthy snack vending machine to ensure employees are well-fed and productive. 

4. Increased Time to Rest

Since employees know they won’t leave the office during breaks, they utilise work hours to the maximum. Then, when they go on break, they can relax and have conversations. This leisure time improves relationships between employees and ensures workers are well-rested during breaks. 

Consider tea maker machine prices before dismissing vending machines because the office is small. Besides, the benefits include improved productivity and happier employees. Of course, every employer would want that. After all, these vending machines are affordable and make the work environment conducive for everyone. 

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