The Future Of Gender-Neutral Fashion And How It Shapes The Industry

The Future Of Gender-Neutral Fashion And How It Shapes The Industry

We often use our clothing to reveal and express our gender identity. But if we stop obeying the gender norms and no longer describe it by what we wear? Well, it is what is happening these days as newer generations are breaking down the gender norms of the fashion industry. And this is what we will delve deeper into in this blog. Traditionally, whenever we think of any apparel, we break it into two categories: men or women.

As with time, the conversation of gender continues to evolve. The fashion industry is also trying to keep up with it. The first question that might arise is, what does gender-neutral apparel look like? It is any clothing with no specific colour or design and can fit various body types.

All About The Rise Of Gender-Neutral Clothing In The Fashion Industry

The Origin

In 1955, gender was coined to describe and differentiate between males and females based on their social and cultural aspects. Later, another term, unisex, came into existence in the 1960s to refer to garments that both males and females could wear. It is how the word emerged and is now thriving in the apparel industry as more brands focus on it.

For example, a few sports-inspired companies have launched merchandise like the Los Angeles jacket for unisex. Many couples keep up with the trend by rocking the same outwear paired with jeans at the stadium.

Why Are Gender-Neutral Apparel Becoming All The Rage?

Though there are various reasons behind this trend becoming all the rage, the popular one is the comfort factor. Women have a long history of wearing uncomfortable clothing for long hours, and it not only causes pain but many other health issues. It is also a reason why a significant number of ladies look for comfy apparel in the men’s section.

Cosy and relaxing wear has become famous for gents and ladies after being stuck at home for over a year during covid lockdown. Thankfully, brands have understood the need for cosy or loose-fitting garments for women. Therefore, they have started introducing them not only in the athleisure category but also in daily wear.

The Sales Are Increasing By Leaps And Bounds

This trend is not a favourite choice of many wearers but also brands as they are experiencing increased sales. As this type of clothing is neither feminine nor masculine, companies don’t have to spend a whale of time designing. Besides saving time, it also minimizes the cost of additional fabrics and other materials. The manufacturing process automatically becomes less complicated. Many brands manufacture the finest-quality unisex garments, sell them at high prices and generate increased revenue.

Advantages From The Rise Of Unisex Fashion

The unisex fashion comes up with several advantages for the wearers. Let’s look into each one of them individually:

Offers Inclusivity:

The garment industry provides wearers inclusivity by introducing clothing that does not focus on binary norms. It makes society more welcoming, tolerant, and accepting towards everyone. Moreover, it allows individuals to express their identities without fearing being judged.

More Practical And Versatile

Non-binary apparel is more versatile and practical compared to traditional binary clothing. It is why ungendered clothing has become easily accessible to different kinds of individuals. For instance, anyone can adorn a unisex RAMS jacket for a comfortable, warm, and stylish experience. Moreover, they can style it in innumerable ways according to their preference.

Provides Sustainability

This type of clothing is comparatively more sustainable than traditional gendered garments. Manufacturers avoid materials that are harmful to the environment and utilize eco-friendly fabrics. They also ensure that the production method is sustainable to make this world a better place to live. Therefore, the wearers of binary apparel actively contribute to reducing fast fashion’s damaging effects.

Comfort Factor Remains A Top Priority

Uncomfortable clothing can impact a person’s mood and productivity by becoming a continuous source of distraction. Many brands understand that and therefore design genderless apparel while keeping the comfort factor as a top priority. They use those fabrics that can offer the wearer the highest cosy experience. It benefits those individuals who struggled to find comfy garments that fit their binary identity in the past.

The Freedom To Express Creativity

Genderless fashion allows the wearer to be more artistic in their clothing choices. It encourages them to use their imagination to mix and match different staples, plus style them in various ways. Hence, it offers freedom to express creativity to those who couldn’t back than in traditional clothing.

Some Typical Examples Of Gender-Neutral Fashion

In 2016, one of the famous clothing brands, Zara, launched its ungendered collection consisting of basic t-shirts, jeans, and hoodies. They were meant for everyone, and the wearers casually adorned Zara staples.

A prominent American football team, Las Vegas Raiders, also stayed ahead in this trend. They also introduced unisex Raiders jacket in their merchandise for their fans.

The Role Of Social Media In The Popularity Of Genderless Fashion

Social media has played a pivotal role in the popularity of this trend by offering individuals the privilege to share their thoughts with the world. Many individuals explore and style different genderless staples and share their photos on social platforms. It inspires their viewers to adopt the same approach and say no to the traditional binary norms.

Moreover, social media has also allowed brands to connect with consumers directly. They pay influencers to advertise their non-binary collections via photos, videos, and reels. This way, their staples get more exposure to a younger audience, and this trend booms further.

Parting Thoughts

And with that, we successfully gave you a detailed overview of the rise of Gender-neutral fashion. We described how this term came into existence and emerged. Moreover, we also acquainted you with the benefits of this trend and explained how social media played a significant role in its popularity.

Ungendered fashion is continuously taking up the apparel industry by storm. What are you waiting for if you have not dipped your toes into it yet? Grab a few staples of your choice, style them to stay comfortable, and modish all day.

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