The Impact of Influencer Culture on Fashion Trends

The Impact Of Influencer Culture On Fashion Trends

Fashion has constantly been evolving with time. The things that were trending last week are considered outfit malfunction today. The fashion industry is evolving and the way of marketing products is also changing with time. Earlier, the designers used to market their clothing with fashion shows and then later placed them at outlets for customers. It’s still somewhere the same, but now the weight is heavier on marketing clothes over social media, all thanks to our dear Gen-Z. According to a survey, it is said that generation Z is the most influenced generation as it has completely changed the use of social media. Earlier, it was used to connect with friends, but now they are used for brand endorsement and earning.

So through this blog, we will list a number of impacts that social media influencer has brought over fashion-related trends.

Changes Brought By The Influencers To The Fashion Industry

-Fashion Influencer

Back in the early 2000s, social media was just a way to connect with friends and socialize with people. But now, social media and its usage has changed a lot. These days people make their accounts public and post pictures and videos. The content belongs to different genres, but the most significant side is fashion. All over Instagram and TikTok, there are various influencers who go viral because of their dressing sense. As their followers grew, they started getting recognition.

Since they gained popularity because of their fashion, it is likely that their followers will feel tempted to buy everything they wear. If an influencer with over a million followers has worn a Dodgers jacket during MLB season, then there is a possibility that their fans will copy that dress too. An influencer can really accelerate the sales of any clothing article just by casually wearing it in a couple of pictures, videos, or reels.

-New Role Of Fashion Shows

Earlier fashion shows used to be about clothes and designers, but now they have taken a 180-degree turn. Now they are much more than just fashion shows. They are more like Hollywood events. The decline of public interest made merchandisers create fashion displays that would make the audience feel attracted to their show. Now the designers have no hold over the market, which is quite contrary to what it was before. Now they have to think through and keep up with trends in social media.

The famous designer Balenciaga went as far as making models walks in the glass carousel in the middle of an artificial snowstorm. These kinds of shows have higher chances of getting viral on social media platforms. Along with models, we now see different designers go for social media celebrities to walk on the ramp as it will garner more attention. The influencer culture is real, and it has modified the whole industry to think more about how they can persuade the audience through social media.

-Endorsement Of Clothing Lines

When a person is using social media, it is most likely that they will come across several different brands with different styles. Social media enables them to have a broader perspective. Social media is a platform that has influence beyond one’s horizons. So when a fashion influencer posts a picture wearing a Lakers jacket, his\her followers instantly start searching for similar apparel online. In that way, a number of different people with the same fashion style result in making it a trend. This is the reason why so many brands do pay influencers for collaboration. It is an effective way to strengthen your branding, endorse your clothing line, and attract new buyers.

-Fast Fashion Trend

Through social media, the culture of fast fashion is getting really popular. It refers to the production of clothing goods that enter the market for a short period and are really inexpensive. Basically, designers launch such apparel to be worn by influencers for a short period of time and then replace it with a new one. All the social media network has led to a habit of constant consumption. The trend is making people buy clothes frequently and throw them away much faster, which is bad for the environment. The influencer culture has left merchandisers in a helpless state where they can’t do anything about it but follow.

-The Weird Fashion Style Icons

Influencers come up with weird clothing ideas in the hustle to get viral. Sometimes they do not make a lot of sense wearing them outside in public. There was a trend in 2018 of wearing pants made out of polyethylene. It was a senseless and useless trend. Those pants were worn once or twice, but then they were thrown away, which was an addition to waste. At times influencers should be considerate of these small details. Viewers have to think twice before trying to follow such weird styles. However, some extreme fashion enthusiasts do not shy away from experimenting with these strange trends.

-People Are Slowly Losing Faith In Social Media Influencers

The trend of the influencer culture has somewhere brought trust issues in people. Many people have jumped to the conclusion that when an influencer promotes something, it is solely for the purpose of financial gain. They don’t actually use it. But sadly, that is half true. There are many influencers who do promotions and collaborations only for monetary benefits. But many influencers make sure the product’s quality is good and then endorse it. It would be wrong to say that all social media celebrities are bad. But we can say that some of them actually do it for the money.

The famous TikTok star, going by the username _CJMA, was famous for wearing jackets in his TikToks. His followers got inspired by his Los Angeles jackets and started buying the same pieces. Later on, the media reported that he single-handedly multiplied the sales of those jackets.

It Is Time Conclude This Fashion Debate

Social media is a great way to start a business. The influencer culture has made it even more effective as a promotional tool. It has completely revolutionized the fashion industry. There are so many globally acclaimed brands that only rely on social media influencers to market their clothing. There are indeed some negative sides to the influence as well. But those effects are completely avoidable if a person wants. On that note, we hope that you liked this article about influencers’ role in starting new fashion trends.

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